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About Us

Welcome to Ace Martial Arts Supply! Located in uptown Whittier, we have access to hundreds of suppliers and product lines. Although online prices are less than what can be seen in stores and department stores, we do not want to cut back on the services.

If you’re looking for any of the products we sell, give us a chance to show you the best customer service online ordering has to offer – we strive for it every day! With our blue-ribbon service, you’ll be surprised you’re making an internet transaction. So please, take advantage of their availability so we can deliver the service you deserve.

From order delivery, to in-store pickup, we have it all for your convenience. Instead of some hidden company behind an email, we actually have a brick-and-mortar storefront you can visit, items you can try and touch, and friendly people to discuss or help you through your questions.

For example, if you can’t wait for an item, come by and check out our store building and extensive showroom to pick up your order. If you can’t – no problem, we’ll ship your item with reliability and speed.

Need to exchange or return items at our front store? Just bring your receipt and the item, so you can try another item for a better fit or different color. You can also mail us your returns, if it’s more convenient for you. Our physical location allows for local pickups or exchanges if you require such services. You can just come and pick up or exchange your order if you live in the local vicinity.

All these services are coupled with low prices, of course. We do the pricing research for you, so you can be comfortable that you’re buying at a great price without spending hours looking at other sellers. We’re always checking our prices with our competitors, and always looking for better deals to offer our customers.

I want to thank you for reading, and I hope you let us show you we’re serious about providing the best services, and the best prices, for your convenience.