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Pine Tree


Since 1948, the tradition of Pine Tree products began with innovation. The development of product quality always progressed hand in hand with the needs of the martial artist as they were discovered, and during this time, the history of taekwondo itself was being molded. The birth of Pine Tree Sang Moo Sa coincided with the then-recent birth of modern taekwondo. In 2000, the manufacturing companies in Korea and China reorganized it's marketing approach, and foreign purchases allowed Pine Tree to expand all over the world.

Today, Ace Martial Arts Supply is the exclusive US distributer of Pine Tree Brand. Imported directly from the manufacturer, the quality you expect is something we believe you should not have to pay extra for - quality is included in all Pine Tree products. Pine Tree Sang Moo Sa has set the standards that other competitor companies want to copy.

Grand masters of present-day martial arts from Korea use Pine Tree Sang Moo Sa - as part of tradition, and so they would order from Korea, where it was only available. Over the past decades, the uniforms were custom tailored and improved in craftsmanship, according to the requests of the masters. Today, Pine Tree products stand for the time-tested and superiour qualities as reviewed by masters. Furthermore, they can now be purchased here in the US. The heritage of Pine Tree Sang Moo Sa continues, and in the coming years, this brand will be in the United States, bringing with it the old traditions of taekwondo itself.

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